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Beato & Filhos Lda

Leiria - Barosa
Pt`e Mestras-Leiria 2400-447 LEIRIA

T.: 244 819 880
Fax: 244 819 889

Payment Methods

  • Eurocard/Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Visa


MON 08:30-12:30 13:30-17:30
TUE 08:30-12:30 13:30-17:30
WED 08:30-12:30 13:30-17:30
THU 08:30-12:30 13:30-17:30
FRI 08:30-12:30 13:30-17:30
SAT 08:30-12:30

Our schedule from Monday to Friday: 8,30am-12,30pm and 1,30pm to 5,30pm.
Saturday mornings 8,30am to 12,30pm

Beato & Filhos in Ponte das Mestras-Leiria

Beato & Filhos is positioned in the market as a finished product provider offering high quality products using raw material from around the world.



This company has a broad product offering ensuring the supply of stone for all types of constructions. To support this offering on the French market, the main market of the company which represents 75% of annual turnover, a subsidiary (Exava) in Paris specializing in the sale and distribution of ornamental stone was formed.


The company constantly invests in the automation of all its production processes in order to ensure maximum accuracy on the Rocks finish.

Marbles and Stonework

Beato & Filhos Lda

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Beato & Filhos
Beato & Filhos
Beato & Filhos

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Beato & Filhos Lda
(Marrazes e Barosa)
Ponte das Mestras - Beato & Filhos

All kinds of Marble and Stonework

Ponte das Mestras
2400-447 LEIRIA
( Marrazes e Barosa )
244 819 880